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Let us honor Our Lady, Patroness of America on this special Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics

Our Mass time is 8:30am on Thursday, December 8, with an option for the Vigil Mass at 4:00pm the evening before.

Our Faith proclaims the Immaculate Conception of Mary as prevenient grace, by virtue of her Son’s redemptive act for the whole world. May we also follow in her sinless path by virtue of our baptism and profession of faith!!


Hosted by our Catholic Community of Women, a wonderful parish event is in the works!

Where: Citrus Hills Golf and Country Club, 505 E. Hartford St., Hernando

When: December 12, 2022, beginning at 11:30am

Call Joanne for your entree choice of either Baked Haddock or Bourbon Pecan Chicken – (352) 465-1837