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Ushers are part of the Hospitality Ministry of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish. Our ushers faithfully perform their duties for our parishioners and guests during the weekend Masses and on Holy Days of Obligation.

Our ushers also serve at funeral Masses to honor the deceased members of our parish. They are on hand to assist the family and funeral attendees, especially those who may not be familiar with St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish.

The Goal of the Usher:

  1. Greeting the parishioners and visitors as they enter the church for Mass.
  2. Finding seating for congregants when the church is crowded.
  3. Helping the disabled and if requested, arranging to have Holy Communion brought to their pews.
  4. Ensuring that congregants are available for the Offertory Presentation of the Gifts.
  5. Answering any questions that our parishioners or guests may have or directing them to the appropriate person if the usher does not know the answer.

Being a member of the Ushering Ministry is personally very rewarding - and the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Usher Ministry is open to both men and women of our parish. If you are a caring, reliable, conscientious and dedicated person the Usher Ministry will be very pleased to welcome you. Call today – they would love to hear from you!

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