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Reading at Mass

Do you ever wish you could lector at Mass? Do you wonder what it takes to be a lector? Do you yearn to participate more actively in the liturgy?
As you listen to the readings do you feel the call to liturgical ministry to proclaim the Word of God? To proclaim Scripture in the worshiping community as a lector is a sacred trust. As the voice of the Lord, the lector needs to be an ardent lover of Sacred Scripture. This requires a deeper understanding of the Word of God in the Bible. Taking a Bible Study is one good way to understand better what you proclaim.

To be an effective lector, one must not only be a competent reader, but also must read with enthusiam and feeling the word or God, which of course, is a very important part of the Mass. Also one must not only understand the reading, but be aware of the context of the reading to effectively convey its meaning. Preparation is very important.


Prayer of Discernment for becoming a Lector

Lord, as I meditate on your Word, help me to discover whether I can be a worthy servant of Your Word as a lector. May I be like Jeremiah the prophet who could not hold in your Word. Grant me the grace to give myself completely to your service. Allow your Word to become flesh through me. I realize, Lord, the power of your Word to make your presence a reality in our community of faith. Lord, be in my heart and on my lips that I may worthily proclaim your sacred Word. Give me, Lord, the grace to accept your call willingly and even joyfully. No matter what ministry I choose, may I reach out and touch those who need to hear your words at the proper time. Be with me, Lord! Show me how you want me to serve you. Here I am. Amen.

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