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Church Cleaners

The heart of this Ministry is the focus on service to the community through the maintenance of the Worship space. This Ministry offers the members the opportunity to spend quiet time in prayer while they serve in this ministry.

Not only does this Ministry assist in reducing the maintenance cost, it provides the opportunity to be part of the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Community of Service. Specifically, we clean the Altars, Holy Water fonts, Tabernacle Area, Sacristy and provide general church cleaning. Special Liturgical Seasons require additional tasks.

The workload is much lighter with many hands & yours are welcome. With more volunteers joining we are able to decrease the time necessary for the weekly cleaning.

The First Impression

When visitors come to a church and see unkempt restrooms, pews with old bulletins, or dust or dirt on the floor they may feel we don’t pay attention to other details. And, they may not come back. Little Things Mean a Lot!

The Church Cleaning Ministry ensures that our church is clean, organized and welcoming. Members of this Ministry can clean on Wednesday mornings after Mass.

Anyone can serve with this ministry –even children (with adult supervision) are welcome. Many families do this together. Little things do matter. Visitors notice things more than you realize.

What can you and your family can do to help?

The Church Cleaners coordinator is: Terri Horan

Thanks for considering this request and if you would like to sign up, contact Terri Horan at (352) 746-2395.

For More Information

Please contact
Terri Horan at (352) 746-2395,
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